Nimm mit 667.433 Campact-Aktiven Einfluss
auf aktuelle politische Entscheidungen.

Campact – Democracy in Action

Its all in the name – Campact works through Campaign & Action.

Campact organises campaigns and enables people to get involved in current political debates via Internet.

Whenever economic lobbyists try to dictate laws or when the population's opinion is not considered in the Bundestag, Campact is there campagning. As an organisation, Campact strives for social justice and an ecologically sustainable and a peaceful society. To this end, we act quickly and creatively, taking direct action which attracts public interest and puts decision makers under pressure.

Campact touring with a truck through Germany

August 2009: Campact touring through twelve German towns with a fake but very realistic Castor transport to highlight issues of the final disposal of radioactive waste.

The Campact newsletter already links 667.433 politically interested and active people. They sign appeals and petitions, inform friends and support the Campact campaigns with donations and supportive membership fees.

Together, Campact activists form an effective counterbalance to the very well established economical and other lobbies and ensure the independence of our organisation.

Join our successful network! Just suscribe to the Campact newsletter for regularly appearing newsletters with information about our latest campaign issues and how you can get involved. It is for free and you can unsubscribe at any time.

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