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Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA)

Should the EU and Canada sign the CETA treaty, it threatens to turn our legislative process into a pawn in the games of multinational corporations: Companies could sue via their Canadian subsidiaries whenever policies concerning social, environmental or consumer rights lead to a reduction of their profits. Private arbitration panels, operating behind closed doors, could award billions in compensation to companies – to be paid for by taxpayers’ money. Law firms that are closely aligned with the corporations appoint the arbitrators, plaintiffs as well as defendants in these legal disputes.

Therefore, signing CETA would pave the way for the TTIP agreement between the EU and the US to enter through the back door. That threatens to weaken existing European laws that restrict the use of genetic engineering in agriculture or prevent the contamination of drinking water through fracking. Privatisation of public services would no longer be reversible.

That’s why we demand: Don’t sign CETA!

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